Local delivery in Toronto with Good Foot Delivery

Local delivery in Toronto with Good Foot Delivery

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Golden Gecko Coffee is happy to partner with local delivery company Good Foot Delivery for our online customers. Delivery throughout Toronto is now made possible with this partnership. Next time you are at checkout, see if you can make use of this great delivery service. Simply put in your address and check your shipping options - Good Foot Delivery will be one of the cheapest options available!

Local delivery company Good Foot Delivery

Who is Good Foot Delivery?

Good Foot Delivery is a local Courier service that provides meaningful employment to the neuro-diverse community. The core of Good Foot’s business model is a professional Courier service that provides same-day delivery in the Toronto area.

Why choose Good Foot Delivery?

Over the last 10 years, Good Foot Delivery has hired and trained over 60 individuals from the neuro-diverse community. Employment at Good Foot provides steady pay, opportunities to develop important transferable work-related and personal skills, and contributes to a fundamental sense of self-worth and independence. Couriers are taught how to be confidently independent on the job, ready to troubleshoot and adapt to any situation that might arise. By using Good Foot, you are supporting the growth and development of the neuro-diverse community!

How can you show support?

If you live within the Toronto TTC area, then you can select Good Foot Delivery as your shipment option. When you are ready to check out, make sure you click on the shipping method to find out if you can use their local delivery services.

Of course - your support when you shop local starts when you shop with Golden Gecko Coffee. We have a wide range of Australian goods, freeze dried goods and coffee which you can order from the comfort of your own home. Shopping local means you support local business owners. Start shopping with us today and support the network of local community businesses. 

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